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A sample deck

A deck in Pokemon duel consists of 6 Pokemon Figures and up to 6 Plates. The total cost of plates in a deck has to be 6 or less.

Recommendations[edit | edit source]

People highly recommend having 2 runners, 2 attackers, and 2 defenders in your deck. Runners are 3-MP Pokemon that have powerful purple attacks. (For example Latios). Attackers are Pokemon with high attack damage, and decent MP. Defenders can be replaced with status effect Pokemon line Glaceon. You should have 1 attack-enhancing plate, 1 hurdle jump, and goal block, especially in early ranks, because they are useful in case you made a misplay.

Sample deck analysis[edit | edit source]

Poliwag is a very useful runner, having a huge chance to roll hypnosis or dodge, making it a great status effect figure as well. Shuppet is great for surrounds, since it can pass through any Pokemon using a MP move. Kirlia is a great Shuppet and Ghastly defence, since its ability blocks them from passing through. If you have a Gardevoir, Kirlia will be even more useful. Natu is a great purple killer. since it has a high chance to roll a gold attack and a 2 or 3 ☆ purple attack. Druddigon has great offensive power, since it can go up to 80 damage pretty quickly if your P.C. is full. Articuno is bot a great status effect and defence pokemon, and it has the same effect of Shuppet. Since the sample deck is missing in damage compared to other decks, it has 2 X Attack instead of 1.