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The game has a single player quest mode that the player can play using energy. The story takes place on Carmonte Island. where everyone goes for Pokemon Battles and has multiple hotels, each with various levels and challenges to complete. Like gyms in the main game, once you complete a hotel, they give you an emblem and you can move onto the next hotel. You get more emblems as you progress through the story, and try to get to the top of jewel tower to win the world championship to claim the tower.

Carmonte Island


Hotel Unlock method Leader Number of stages Emblem
Ulex Unlocked at beginning Yuji 12  
Chateau de Rosa Complete Ulex Nadya 15  
Atlantis Complete Chateau de Rosa Joe 18  
Olivia Palace Complete Atlantis Brenda 20  
The Volcano Complete Olivia Palace Don Roger 25  
Elysium Complete The Volcano NO7 30  


Training isn't part of the quest, but is still accessible form the menu.

Stage 1 - Stage 1 - Aim for the goal, not just battles!
Energy required: 0
  • Win by moving a Pokemon to the goal point. (Not a Wait Victory)
  • Don't initiate any battles.
  • Move a Pokemon onto the opponent's goal point in 20 or fewer turns.
Figure listing
100px 100px 100px 100px 100px 100px
Torchic Raticate Raticate Exeggute Tyrogue Tyrogue
Red Blue
250 Coins 50px


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